Healthy Hitter

Fits on most hookahs, vapes, bongs. pipes, and joints.

Gives you a personal germ-free smoke

Gives you a better smoke

100% food grade Silicon

Dishwasher safe


I was at a Party and sitting in a smoke circle. There was a bong being passed around and it came to this girl who had something on her face. She took her hit from the bong and the bong was passed back to me. I quit smoking because I did not want to get whatever she had.

So later that night I went home and started to do hours and hours of research about sanitary devices that limit the spread of germs while smoking. I found a couple of things out there. There are bong condoms that you place on top of the bong and rip them off and there is this other unit that you simply stick in the top of your bong and it gives you an individual mouth piece. I went and bought it and it worked great. I could smoke out of a bong with everyone without the worry of spreading germs.

However, I was at another party and that same girl was there. We were smoking out of a pipe this time and unfortunately the mouth piece did not fit the pipe. So, I was done smoking again and this time I started to think about creating a device that allows you to pass your bong, pipe, and vape without the worry of passing germs.

So that is what I did! I give you Healthy Hitter, a universal personal mouth piece that allows you to pass around your smoking/vaping device without the worry of sharing germs. The ultimate, flexible, and sanitary individual mouth piece while smoking from a hookah, vape, bong. pipe, and joint.



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 “My name is Niko and I have been using this product for only 2 weeks and I am very happy with it so far. It fits into my pocket and I can use it at any time.
 I wash it every night when I’m home. It certainly is a way to smoke and share without worrying about catching any viruses, cold or flu from others.”   

      Niko A.

 “Scared it wouldn’t fit my bong due to the size of the mouth piece, I was wrong. Awesome product.” 

     W. Anderson

 “The best thing to be introduced to smoking in a long time!”   

     B. Johnson

 “Thought it would affect air flow, it didn’t! It works better.

     E. Smith

 “Fixes a problem I’ve never thought of!” 

     T. Hundal

 “My name is Byron and I love the Healthy Hitter. I bought 2 of them. Int he beginning it seemed weird but now it’s a piece of cake and  I will never smoke   other people’s spliffs without using my Healthy Hitter. “     

     Byron K.

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